International Faculty


The faculty of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, US, is comprised of Board approved Diplomates in Logotherapy from around the world. In addition, they meet the requirements of their respective professional associations. Its faculty members are highly qualified to teach logotherapy in their varied fields of endeavour:


Robert C. Barnes, PhD (USA)

Stephen J. Costello, PhD (Ireland)

Doreen Francis, PhD (UK)

Ann V. Graber, PhD (USA)

Manfred Hillmann (Germany)

Matti Juhani Hokka (Finland)

Robert R. Hutzell, PhD (USA)

F. Jak Icoz, MA (Turkey and UK)

Manoochehr Khatami, MD

Mira Kim, PhD (British Columbia and Korea)

Rauno Korpi, MEd (Finland)

Mina Laine (Finland)

Irmeli Lehtioksa (Finland)

Marshall H. Lewis, PhD (USA)

Alice Long, DMin

Edward Marshall, MD, PhD (Canada)

Maria Ungar Marshall, PhD (Canada)

Paul McQuilan, PhD (Australia)

Ann-Marie Neale, PhD

Memduh Ozmert, MSc (Turkey)

Susan Pihl (Finland)

Reza Pishyar, PhD (Australia and Iran)

Michael A. Pitts, PhD

Marianne da Silvo Prado (Brazil)

George E. Rice, PhD

Roberto Rodrigues, MD, PhD (Brazil)

Julius M. Rogina, PhD

Peter Sarkany, PhD (Hungary and Romania)

Andreas Schreiber, PhD (Germany and China)

Stefan E. Schulenberg, PhD

Randy Scraper, PhD

Teria Shantall, PhD (South Africa and Israel)

Irmeli Ivalo Sjolie, DSc (Finnland)

Patricia L. Starck

Paul Ungar, MD, PhD (Canada)

Alexander Vesely, MA (Austria)

John Viterito

Raija Volk (Finland)

Paul R. Welter, EdD

Cynthia L. Wimberly, PhD (USA)

Michael Winters, PhD (USA)