Certificate in Applied Logotherapy: Meaning and Purpose in Life


This is intended for all those wishing to explore the meaning and purpose (MAP) of their existence in order to flourish rather than flounder. Meaning is our main motivation and happiness happens as the side-effect or by-product of engaging in meaningful activities. 


Course content

- Introduction to Logotherapy

- Short movie on Viktor Frankl

- Finding meaning, fulfilling purpose

- Altering your attitude

- Three ways to meaning

- Why happiness should not be pursued

- Avoiding the existential vacuum

- Answer to anxiety

- The case for tragic optimism

- Self-distancing and self-transcendence

- Purpose in Life test

Dates: Saturday September 10th and Sunday 11th, 2016: 10.30am-5pm.

Saturday January 28th and Sunday 29th, 2017: 10.30am-5pm.

Location: Jesuit Conference Centre, Milltown Park, Sandford Rd., Dublin 6.

Cost: €295

Registration: Via email