Consulting: Corporate Logotherapy

Meaning Management Training – Makes Me Think

It is not the job that counts but the manner in which one does the work – our attitude towards it and whether it is meaningful and a source of creative value and self-fulfilment.


Aims and Objectives 

- Equipping businesses with powerful tools and techniques from the world of practical philosophy,
  and the latest research and empirical evidence in psychology

- Employing a multidimensional model of management for maximisation of productivity and profits

- Engaging passion and purpose for performance

- Empowering employers and employees through meaning and values

- Enabling excellence through realising the highest potential of the workforce

- Enhancing morale and motivation

- Engendering inner resilience for real results

- Encouraging innovation and creativity



Three Meaning-at-Work Seminars


1. Seven Principles of Best Business Practice

Our main motivation is meaning. In this seminar the focus is on finding personal meaning at work because a dispirited workforce leads to diminished happiness and decreased productivity. Wellness is our real wealth.


Attitudinal Adjustment: Adopting an affirmative attitude (an outlook of realistic optimism leading to a purposeful plan of action)

Will to Meaning: Committing to meaningful goals and tasks (three main ways)

Meaning of the Moment: Focusing on the importance of the present (not multitasking)

Paradoxical Intention: Avoiding working against yourself by becoming fixated on an intended outcome or desired result – obsessing on the outcome (causing anticipatory anxiety)

Self-Distancing: Looking at yourself from a distance in order to gain proper perspective (‘responding’ rather than ‘reacting’)

De-Reflection: Shifting your area of attention in order to alleviate boredom, depression, anxiety, agitation, and stress (from worry to wellness)

Self-Transcendence: Relating to some cause or call greater than yourself (seeing success as service)


These seven principles revolutionise and humanise our working lives by bringing deeper meaning to the world of work itself.


2. Wellness in Work

The greatest asset of any organisation is its personnel. People perform optimally when they fire on all three cylinders: body, mind, and spirit, in life and work. The body works best when it harnesses health (sleep, eating, exercise), the mind when it’s achieving positive emotional energy (well-being) and focused mental attention, and the spirit when it seeks a compelling sense of purpose. Wellness is our real wealth


Body: Physical Sustainability (Endurance)

Mind: Psychological Self-Expression (Awareness)

Spirit: Philosophical Significance (Meaning)


When we exist in all three modes we move from surviving to thriving. All three dimensions of the person influence how an individual works and must interact harmoniously and in an integrated way. This promotes innovation and increases productivity and creativity. By meeting our multidimensional needs in the workplace the balance of being can be attained and maintained.



3. The Science of Success

Success depends on values, vision and virtue. Values give rise to goals (aspirations); a vivid vision enables us to envision our goals; and virtue is a value in action. Success is less about power, position and prestige, and more about personal flourishing. Success is about contribution not recognition. One can be very successful in one’s professional life and still feel that life is meaningless. This phenomenon can be described as despair despite success. On the other hand, there can be fulfilment despite failure.



 The Seven Conditions and Components of Success (leading to entrepreneurial excellence)

- The Hedgehog Concept

- The Principle of Obliquity

- The Profit-Seeking Paradox

- The Four Quadrants

- Success as Service


‘Don’t aim at success – the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one’s dedication to a cause greater than oneself ’. Frankl


‘Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching and striving for his goals’. Aristotle



Executive Coaching (one-to-one)

- Acting as a catalyst in implementing permanent, positive, and meaningful change in your work
  and life

- Helping you towards actualising personal and professional goals

- Enabling optimal organisational performance

- Utilising the most effective coaching techniques from the world of Franklian psychology and
  practical philosophy

- Offering practical ways to enable you to move forward

- Discovering realistic outcomes

- Becoming more aware and developing a plan of action


QUESTION: What can you change and where is your area of freedom?

Our coaching programme draws on the insights of Logotherapy and Stoic philosophy to uncover your unique values, vision, and vocation.

Because it’s not just about goal-setting, motivation, or success. But about finding your passion and purpose again, and determining what’s holding you back.

It’s about finding a fresh approach to problems and recurring patterns of behaviour. 



Corporate Counselling

Psychological support, assistance, and training to deal with work-related issues. There is a crying need for counselling in the workplace. Mental health and wellness have a direct impact on productivity. 

We need to see work not solely as an occupation but as a creative contribution.

Absenteeism and anxiety, stress, depression, low morale and motivation, fears and fatigue, bullying and boredom, inertia and lack of initiative, mismanagement and meaninglessness, are silent killers that corrode productivity.

‘Executive’s Disease’ stems from a feeling of inner emptiness and existential frustration. The factory manager or financial magnate can become entirely devoted to making money (work mania). With such a person, livelihood overshadows life.

Corporate Counseling advances a multidimensional model, addressing all our aspects: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Only by deploying these three dimensions can we hope to flourish and prosper.


Workshops & Training Sessions

Individually-tailored to your company’s needs which can range from two-hour workshops to two-day trainings covering:


- Job Crafting

- Strategies for Stress

- Answer to Anxiety

- Anger-Management

- Leadership Skills (the diamond model & the four pillars of leadership)

- Resilience Training (turning tragedy into triumph, and obstacles into opportunities)

- Dilemma Training (the seven-step method)

- Creativity and Innovation (the six steps of creative problem-solving – CPS)

- The Art of Discernment: Good Decision-Making

- Meditation for Managers

- Socratic Dialogue

- Conflict Resolution (six-steps)


All the above workshops draw on logotherapy and Stoic philosophy – a unique and powerful blend for success in business.



- Provide you with powerful psychological, evidence-based tools and techniques, skill-sets, and
  strategies to deal with corporate challenges (for example the logotherapeutic technique of
  paradoxical intention has a 74% success rate.

- Motivate you through meaning for enhanced entrepreneurial excellence (companies who prioritise 
  meaning in their mission statements show increased profits in their financial statements)

- Inspire you to become more innovative and creative, productive and profitable

- Focus you on setting goals, reaching targets, and concentrating on the tasks at hand

- Help you to improve your mental attitude and mindset to adapt to potentially stressful situations

- Teach you how to self-detach from personal problems and predicaments to better realise your
  work potential.

- Enable you to become clearer about what’s in your power to choose, change, and control